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  Laura Mann

Laura Mann

head of strategy development , Wessex Water

Laura is the Head of Strategy Development at Wessex Water and has been leading on the implementation of the ‘Open Systems’ approach in AMP 7. Having created the first version of EnTrade (the environmental services trading platform) and seen it through its first two years of development, Laura is experienced in creating markets and systems to procure outcomes in new and innovative ways, blending neatly with Wessex Water’s desire to demonstrate an alternative business model for the water industry. Involved in the creation of the open system concept from its conception, Laura will be working with the industry supply chain and beyond to explore a variety of approaches to meeting the companies challenging PR19 commitments.

Laura is also a board member for the Pipeline Industries Guild and Chair of the Guilds National Professional Development Network, providing the current generation of the industries developing professionals with the skills, knowledge and network needed to progress their career.


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